Beware of Bumble


Last Updated on April 7, 2022 by bumble

If you’re reading this article, beware of bumble and chances are you’ve heard more than one person mention that Bumble is catching on with a lot of people. The problem is, that not all of them want what they’re getting. Sure, Bumble says it’s for making friends and meeting new people but the reality is that the app just promotes dating culture in general. The fact is this culture doesn’t value women and it’s time to take a stand against it.

Not only does Bumble actually go against everything that it stands for. They rip off their customers, they have bots on the site and there is no way to contact customer support. Users have sent requests to support and have yet to receive a response. They have also reported issues with profile pictures on Bumble but their account is still active.

The purpose of this app is to find love but it just creates competition out of thin air in order to make money. This app is also making people disingenuous and selfish because they are so focused on themselves that they don’t care who they hurt while doing so. It’s really no different than Tinder except that people using Bumble think they’re somehow better than others, even though the same issues exist on both sites.

The terms of use on Bumble are so ridiculous that they don’t even make sense. They claim that they have the right to change their terms at any time and there is no way to challenge them. They also claim that you can’t sue them. What’s more, Bumble reserves the right to disclose private information about its users as well as data about members and their contacts.

As for their purpose, this app isn’t really a social network. It’s really just another dating app with various “tricks” and “best practices” to get people to pay for it by getting others hooked on it in the first place.

In short, the idea behind Bumble is good but what it does in practice isn’t at all how it’s supposed to work in theory. It’s the same thing that happens with the whole “no means yes” culture but it’s not something that people want to think about. If you really want to meet someone, there are plenty of other apps out there besides Bumble. Beware of Bumble.

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