How to Get Banned on Bumble


Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by bumble

Hi everybody welcome to, don’t get blocked on bumble. How does that happen? If you complain they’re going to block you, no matter what you do you’re going to get blocked. Unless you’re one of the other side the premium guys that are paying the extra money and scamming everybody. In my experience and I’m not alone take a look at this website: they thought they got away with scamming me, but they’re not they’re not.

Believe me, they have a headache and they’re going to have a much much bigger headache because I’m not going to stop till I go ahead and shine their light on these cockroaches because that’s what they are. They scam everybody it’s a bad bad situation and they’re involved in some very very heavy stuff. You’ll see when the actual investigation is completed but the bottom line is you don’t want to be anywhere near these people. I got to tell you right now go to read all the complaints. Take a look at the BBB and take a look at the number of complaints of the D- they have. I don’t know how the hell you can even get a D-.

The reason why I built the websites is to protect you guys and to let you know that bumble is a problem and you will get stung. Thanks for your time and please if you have a problem fill out the actual complaint form and if we shine enough light on these guys it’ll go away thanks.

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