Bumble Scams


Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by bumble

Hi welcome to bumblecomplains.com so bumble scams if you’re looking for bumble scams join bumble because that’s probably one of the biggest scams I’ve ever joined in my life. You know what they’re terrible terrible terrible. There’s no way to contact them, they keep the money if you get 90-day subscription, they go ahead and they keep the other two months.

You can’t talk to them, you can’t appeal anything and they protect the bad people they protect the actual catfish and scammers because that’s where they make their money from. So you gotta understand about this website it makes us money from the bad people not from the good people and the good people are the ones that get scammed not the bad people so the bottom line is uh be very very careful with the site don’t get scammed don’t get stung.

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