Cancel your Bumble Subscription


Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by bumble

Hi everybody welcome to and if you’ve got a bumble subscription good luck because I got to tell you something, out of all the dating sites I’ve ever been on these people are the worst. You don’t have a say and these people deactivate you. God forbid you complain about a catfish or about somebody ripping you off, they rip you off. They just deactivate you and they suspend your account and they don’t even give you a reason. If you pay for three months and they suspend you a month later they don’t even pay you back.

There’s no way of talking to them you gotta charge them back, it’s the only way these people respond and the bottom line is if you study the history of this company the woman that started this company actually made her money from a sexual harassment lawsuit I think it was from Tinder. She had the audacity or maybe she’s sharp you know but she started an IPO starting at 75$ and is down to 49$ right now and to go ahead and raise money on a company that’s got so many complaints and runs, in my opinion, such a dirty business is unbelievable. If you have a bumble subscription beware and god forbid don’t complain and you know what don’t take my word for it you’ll have your own personal experience and then you’ll be able to post it on our website, have a beautiful day and good luck don’t get stung.

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