What is Bumble?


Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by bumble

Hi everybody welcome to bumblecomplains.com. What is Bumble? Bumble, in my opinion, is one of the biggest rip-offs in the world for a dating site. I like that concept that the women get to contact you and that was kind of fun. I like that at least when I got contacted by somebody I thought I had a shot, but the amount of catfish it’s unbelievable.

I’ve never seen or spoken to so many catfish and that’s actually how I got in trouble with bumble. They went ahead and suspended my account because I complained about this catfish posing as a woman using stolen Instagram pictures. You make them aware of it and they ignore you. They protect these people because their money their bread and butter come from these guys that paid the premium to protect their scam and that’s what they do. These people make a living from scamming people on bumble.

So I’m going to tell you something, if you want to know what bumble is, bumble is a no-no in my opinion, and if you want to go ahead and get stung go ahead and join bumble. Read the website, go to bumblecomplaints.com don’t take my word for it we have hundreds of complaints and why would the BBB give him a d minus how do you stay in business with a D- BBB it’s crazy to have a nice day and don’t get stunned.

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