My Personal Experience With Bumble


Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by bumble

Hi everybody welcome to, this website has been created to alert you, the potential bumble customer, of getting ripped off. I’ll let you know my personal experience and let you know what’s going on out there. By the way, the proof is in the pudding, I’m just one of many. Take a look at all the complaints we have the Better Business Bureau rating of a D minus.

They just opened an IPO a few months back, and it’s amazing. It opened at $75 and is now sitting at $49. I can’t believe that these people that invest in the IPO didn’t even take a look at what they’re dealing with. What I want to talk about is how do you contact bumble? Bumble contacts you. Take a look at what the complaints are. These people think they’re Mussolini. These people just go ahead and they’re omnipotent and they don’t care about the consumer. They don’t care about the guy that has a problem with the actual site, they just automatically get rid of you. They don’t even give you back whatever is leftover from that month or that three months. Other than Seeking Arrangements from the old days these guys here are the worst.

Bumble in my experience, just stay away. As far as contacting Bumble, good luck there’s just no way of talking to those people and when they do respond they hit you with, “we voted on it” and what we voted on is that you know it’s finally there’s nothing you can do to appeal it. I said well what about the rest of the months that I have well you know we have the right to go ahead and cancel your subscription. The bottom line is they don’t have the right. We have business rules and the way they run the business is terrible. I’m really surprised they’re still open but anyway, if you’re looking for bumble contact good luck because you’re never going to make contact with bumble have a beautiful day.

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